Free Health & Accident Insurance Cover for Member Students

Healthy students perform well in their academics. We at NPUSPTA understand the importance of wellbeing of our member students. Students are vulnerable and sensitive to many diseases and since they are in classroom together with many more pupils, risk of spreading the infections are very high. Complete closure of schools and colleges during COVID-19 pandemic is an eye opener for everyone to witness how students are vulnerable.

Apart from this student are also subjected to risk of accidents and injuries. Almost all students use some means of transportation to commute between school and home and frequency of accidents in our transportation system is quite high.

Also, many students are passionate about sports and games and are actively participating and training every day. It is very common to have injuries and not only frequency of injuries is regular but intensity of some sports injuries is also high.

Considering all these vulnerabilities and risks students carry we at NPUSPTA are providing them with Health and Insurance cover for free. Although we are strongly advocating for student safety at school premises but unable to prevent any health and injuries risks student may exposed to. So, through this initiative we are trying at least to mitigate any financial burden on parents arising from treatment and medical expenses of the student.

Terms & Condition

  • This insurance scheme is available for NPUSPTA member students only.
  • Validity / Term of insurance for one year only.
  • Due to lack of funds at present we are able to offer this free scheme for limited number of students who are actively involved in sports or games and at least participated in district level sports event.
  • Students are recommended by Principals of schools. We select from received recommendation list by principals.
  • Responsibility of NPUSPTA limited to issuing the insurance policy and bearing the cost of premium only.
  • All procedures related to claims, settlement etc… as per the insurance company terms and conditions, policy and guidelines only.